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ESS Tutoring

Whether you need assistance with math, science or engineering subjects, our ESS Tutoring Program can help you.


Each semester, ESS hires undergraduate seniors and graduate students within each engineering discipline to provide tutoring for each subject. Schedules are posted at the beginning of the semester and include days, times and locations of every tutoring session.

Meet our Tutors HERE.


The full Fall 2023 schedule is HERE!.

In-person tutoring will take place inCentennial Engineering Center (bldg. #112), Suite 2080, with night and weekend availability in Zoom.


The schedule is for reference of course listings and drop-in times.

Available hours are also listed in our succESS web-app.

Please note: hours marked with (*) asterisk are booked only for Zoom tutoring through the Penji App (Penji is utilized for Spring & Fall semesters only). 


In addition to our ESS tutors, the CS department offers additional support for a range of CS courses. You can see what they have available HERE.


Check this page daily for tutoring updates! 

For tutoring questions, contact Doug Williams ( or (505) 277-0431).