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Student Showcases

There is more to our students than just their technical interests. And, the more outside interests and experiences one has, including the arts and creative thinking, the better! Engineering and computing makes one's other interests stronger, and those other interests enhance one's engineering and computer science knowledge and ability.


It is important for you, the student, to develop "holistically' by embracing activities and interests that enable you to utilize both sides of the brain. Not to mention the many benefits of being involved in activities beyond your curriculum. Diversity is crutial for the success of society. Your familiarity with different communities helps you find new problems to solve and new ways of solving them. You can apply your ideas across disciplines, find new markets for products, find people to help who are not on the current radar, and, it's a great conversation piece at dinner parties.  


For example "holistic approach, supporting our students to utilize both sides of the brain. Some of the best innovators are Engineers! Encouraging their creativity is crucial and this idea of the Creative Industry Lab presented HERE, is very interesting,"  - as stated by one of the SoE staff/faculty and "when I wrote poetry, I thought of poetry and physics as both finding the most simple elegant solution for expressing an idea. Physics generated ideas for me in poetry" from our very own (now retired) Stefi Weisburd. 


These abilities include, but are not limited to, blogs (creative or technical), art work (visual or auditory), writings/reports (creative or technical, including published manuscripts), and presentations (oral or posters).  


(Are you interested in being showcased? Contact Dr. Yadéeh Sawyer at or (505) 277-9151. She is always looking for more examples!)


Here are some examples from our very own School of Engineering students.