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Students Organizations & Conference Travel

ESS works closely with several UNM-chartered student organizations. Involvement in a student organization offers students the opportunity to develop strong leadership skills, travel to career conferences, participate in community outreach programs, network with industry leaders, and qualify for private industry scholarships & awards.

Students are encouraged to participate in STEM-related, UNM-chartered student organizations throughout their academic program in order to gain valuable leadership & networking skills to help them secure a summer internship or full-time career upon graduation.

Active participation in a student organization offers students the chance to travel to various career conferences, compete for additional outside scholarships, get involved in community service work and meet other students and leaders from around the world.


The School of Engineering Engineering Council consists of a Student Council Leader (appointed by the SoE Dean) and the SoE student organization presidents (or their delegates). The purpose of this council is to connect the student leadership for a more cohesive and collaborative approach to student involvement. The council meets a few times a semester to meet each other, build collaborations, and coordinate events within the student orgs and with the SoE and ESS. The Student Council Leader serves a join appointment as the council coordinator and the ASUNM Join Council representative for Engineering and advocates on behalf of the student groups. The current Student Leader is Emily Ganley (, a senior in the Chemical & Biological Engineering Department. 


School of Engineering student organizations: 

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Nuclear Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering

Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Computer Science

  • Association of Computers and Machinery
  • Lobo Women and Computing 

Visit the Student Activities Center to see an entire listing of UNM chartered student organizations.