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Information for Community/Company Partners

Interested in getting the word out about your job or internship opportunities?

  • To share opportunities about current jobs, internships, and info sessions or events with our students, please email your fliers and/or write-ups to Please submit requests at least 1 week in advance.
  • For on-site tabling events and info sessions supported by the School of Engineering, arrangements must be made at least 1 month in advance by emailing


Interested in being a Company or Community Partner through our various initatives?

Please complete THIS form if you are a Company or Community Partner interested in supporting our Engineering and Computing students are able to do so through:

The Cooperative education is a college program that integrates classroom studies with paid, productive, real-life work experience in a degree related field. The SPSP internship program and the SOE CD internship program require that the participating student complete a co-op form.  The co-op program requires the student participating in the internship program to enroll in a co-op course.  The UNM co-op program provides students with the opportunity to have their experience reflected on their transcript but will not impact the student’s GPA.

      • International Students

All international engineering and computing students, wishing to participate in a paid internship program (SOE CD internship program) must comply with UNM and GEO procedures.  International students need to complete a co-op form (OPC or CPT) and obtain the required signatures from career services, GEO, including the signature of the SoE Associate Dean, Dr. Charles Fleddermann giving them permission to participate.
“Curricular practical training” or “CPT” is employment that is an integral or important part of your curriculum, including: alternate work/study, internship, cooperative education, or any other type of required employment, internship or practicum. To be considered curricular practical training, the work must be related to your major field of study and must also be an integral part of your studies. Training which is REQUIRED by your degree program always meets the requirements for curricular practical training, regardless of whether or not you receive academic credit for your work.


For additional questions or conversation, please reach out to our Job and Internship Coordinator - Nada Abdelhack (