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Current Project Opportunities

The following are a list of the projects currently available for students. The list is constantly updating as we grow the program and community partner needs shift. 


Do you have a project in mind? Have an organization you want to work with to make a project happen?

Let us know! We can help you make this happen. (Additional examples of what is possible can be see at the well-established Purdue EPICS Teams page.)


What to see what projects our students have engaged in in the past? Check out our page dedicated to that information HERE.


Spring 2024 Projects

  • Roadrunner Food Bank
    • Type of Organization: non-profit. 
    • Mission: To provide nourishing food to New Mexicans through vibrant community partnerships and passionate public and private support
    • Population Served: Food insecure individuals and families in NM
    • Potential Projects:
      • Data visualization of Link2Feed and partner reporting that we can use in advocacy, communications, and development.
      • Partner webpage development assistance (This could help with Network Services as well)
      • Measurement and evaluation or programs assistance and open to ideas that the student has in mind too. It could be something we never thought of😊 that could help us operationalize our data into action
      • Explainer video design
    • Skillsets preferred:
      • Tableau, Microsoft Excel, good written and verbal communication skills
      • Statistics
      • Graphic design, video, marketing
      • Public health, nutrition, social determinants of health a plus


Potential Fall 2024 Projects

Additional projects are on the way!

  •  The New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator - Forensic Anthropology Database
    • When: Fall 2023. Fall 2024.
    • Type of Organization: Government Agency
    • Mission: To create a centralized, searchable location storing forensic anthropological casework. The database will facilitate research using forensic anthropological cases. Furthermore, the database will act as an up to date account of the OMI DOE's within our system.
    • This project most closely aligns with: Computer Science
    • Potential Project: The Forensic Anthropology division within the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator (OMI) is a specialized unit whose expertise lies in the analysis of human skeletal remains. Forensic anthropologists work within the medicolegal system and are called upon to apply skeletal analysis methodologies and techniques to modern, forensic contexts. The field aids law enforcement and medical examiners by recovering human remains, estimating identity of unidentified remains, interpreting trauma, and estimating time since death. At the OMI, the forensic anthropology division handles about 60 cases a year, and have been working cases since the 1970's. Our team needs a searchable database to safely store all our case information in one centralized location. In addition to storage, this application will make research using cases feasible. We are seeking computer science students to assist us in finishing building our database in order to increase productivity and efficiency within the OMI, with the potential of bringing this database to other agencies and forensic anthropologists around the country.
    • Project work location: students will primarily work remotely
    • "How do you see this (these) project(s) fulfilling the 'help address human, community, and environmental needs' aspect of SoE UNITY": This project is serving first and foremost, the entire New Mexican community. The OMI is responsible for investigating all sudden, violent, untimely, and unexpected deaths, and cases with unknown causes of deaths that occur within New Mexico. This database will allow our team to improve internal efficiency in identifying descendants. Additionally, the database will enhance our understanding of the environmental contexts throughout New Mexico and how that impacts identification.