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Research Programs

In addition to the programs below, make sure to check out our co-curricular experiences to help develop your marketability for your future.


Getting involved with research as an undergraduate is one of the more beneficial experiences for your satisfaction with your undergraduate experience. Additionally, employers seek students who are career ready, and research is one of those 5 essential skills ( that contribute to your long-term career benefits.  



(Spring/Fall. Looking for Community Partners and Sponsors; students can work in teams or individuals; We are working on expanding this program for direct credit within each department, and are in the process of creating ENG course associated with each engagement option. Faculty act as support for students as most of their engagements are with the community partners, but enroll in a course with a faculty member)

School of Engineering Undergraduates in the CommUNITY. Open for students who are admitted to their major (generally Juniors and Seniors) within all Engineering and Computing fields. Students engage for credit (3 credits/semester) with a commitment of 9 - 10 hours per week for either 1 or 2 semesters. The primary engagement is between the student and the community partner, with support from SoE faculty as needed. Students are encouraged to reach out to their advisor before enrolling to understand how this engagement will contribute to their degree progression.

SEMESTER DEADLINES: Follows UNM Add/Drop deadlines.


Student Research Experience Program

(Spring/Fall matches, but engagement can continue into the summer, as best fits the match. These opportunities are highly dependent on UNM based research opportunities. Looking for 1-on-1 engagement opportunities with UNM based research opportunities (with faculty, post-docs, or graduate students) open to our School of engineering students.

Priority given to Freshmen and Sophomores in the School of Engineering, but open to all SoE students. There are no citizenship or GPA requirements, but all interested students are required to attend a 1-hour orientation session. We act as the conduit between the student and the research possibility. Based on the needs of both the research opportunity and the student, these vary from volunteer (most common), volunteer with the potential of being paid, or paid (least common), with the number of hours are flexible.

SEMESTER DEADLINES: February 5 and September 5. Matches are announced by the following Wednesday.


ESS Grant Funded Programs


UNM SoE Research Centers


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