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External Scholarships

UNM Graduate School funding information HERE.


*Please note that ESS will not be accepting applications for the following scholarships*

  • UNM College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)
    • Minimum of $5,200 in financial help
    • Eligibility: 
      • U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident 
      • First-time freshman & attend UNM full-time for the 2021-2022 school year 
      • Demonstrate financial need 
      • One of the following three statements must apply to you: 
        • Have you, or at least one immediate family member spent a minimum of 75 days during the past 24 months as a migrant or seasonal farmworker? 
        • Or- Are you eligible to participate, or have participated, in a Migrant Education Program (K-12) while in school 
        • Or- Are you eligible to participate, or have participated, in a National Farmworker Job Program or Department of Employment Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) 
    • Contact: for more information or questions. 


Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships Opportunities Calendar

Ron Brown Scholarship Program (postmarked deadline)January 9th UndergradMust be Black/African American, US citizen or hold permanent resident visa card. Must be a high school senior at the time of application
GEM FellowshipJanuary 15th Undergrad and gradThere are 2 programs: MS Engineering program and PhD program. For MS program: must be a senior or graduate at the time of application.  US Citizen or permanent resident
Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) Fellowship Program January 15, 2021GradApplicants from academia (pre- or postdoctoral scholars) and mid-career professionals in law, military, government, science, policy or international organizations. 
AIAA ScholarshipsJanuary 31st Undergrad and grad
L'Oreal USA for Women in Science ProgramJanuary 31stGradMust have a conferred PhD and have started postdoctoral research position
AAAS Diverse Voices in Science Journalism InternshipsFebruary 1stUndergradHave an interest in science writing
AIS ScholarshipFebruary 1stUndergrad and GradDeadline for Spring scholarship. Must be at least 1/4 enrolled member of a Federally Recognized Native American Tribe
Nuclear Nonproliferation International Safeguards Graduate Fellowship (NNIS)February 15th, 2021Grad

Fellows receive a monthly stipend of no more than $2,500. Fellows will also receive an additional Dislocation Allowance of $600 per month (prorated) while on a practicum assignment. 

Fellowship is open to all U.S Citizens about to enroll in or currently enrolled in a qualified course of study at a participating university with at least one full year of graduate work remaining at the beginning of September 2021. 

Dissertation Proposal WorkshopFebruary 14, 2021Grad

Applicants must be pre-dissertation proposal doctoral students studying at U.S. universities from at least one of the following underrepresented racial or ethnic populations.

Tuition Scholarships for American Students of Polish DescentFebruary 15, 2021Grad

Citizens and legal permanent residents of the United States
Must be of Polish descent
Graduate level studies (Masters, Ph.D.)
GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Hispanic Scholarship FundFebruary 15thHigh school seniors, undergrad, grad

Must be of Hispanic heritage

Entry Point ProgramFebruary 15thUndergrad and GradMust be a US citizen
Gertrude M. Cox ScholarshipFebruary 23rd GradLimited to women who are US Citizens or permanent residents and who are admitted to full-time study in graduate stastics program. 
American Association of University Women Santa FeFebruary 26, 2021Grad
  • Purpose: The AAUW is an organization that promotes equity and education for women and girls. The work of AAUW builds upon a century of responsible public participation at the local, state, national, and international levels. Its members are required to be degreed from an accredited college or university. For additional information on the AAUW please visit their website.  One scholarship will be awarded to a Santa Fe County woman resident who has been admitted into a graduate program at the University of New Mexico.
  • Application Procedures: To be considered for this award, we are asking that you submit the following: A short essay (no more than two pages) telling us about yourself, your educational goals and how this scholarship would help you achieve them, and An AAUW-SF Graduate Scholarship Application
  • Stipend: The goal of AAUW-Santa Fe is to provide $2,000 annually or the maximum amount available in the spending account paid on a semester basis
Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship FundFebruary 27thUndergradMust be a woman age 35 or older, low-income, US citizen of permanent resident, pursuing associate's or 1st bachelor's degree. 
American Association of University Women (AAWU)February 28thGrad

For a Santa Fe County woman resident who is admitted into the graduate program at UNM. Short essay about yourself (more information on the website) and application should be sent to: 

Graduate Studies
MSC03 2180
Albuquerque, NM 87131
FAX (505) 277-7405

National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)  ScholarshipsMarch 1st High school and Undergrad

NSPE member and US Citizen

American Society of Heating, Refridgerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid Program  March 1stGrad

Must be involved with ASHRAE

California Council on Science and TechnologyMarch 1stGrad

Must be a PhD student

Udall Undergraduate ScholarshipMarch 5thUndergrad

Udall faculty representative can give you access to the application. Representatives and their contact information are available on the site

NASA Summer 2020 InternshipsMarch 8th Undergrad and GradDeadline for summer internship. (Fall 2020 deadline is July 6th) 
AWIS Kirsten R. Lorentzen AwardMarch 15thUndergradMust be female students in sophomore or junior year who are majoring in physics, including space physics and geophysics or geoscience. 
Ayen Tunca Memorial March 15thUndergradMust be female students majoring in STEM, US Citizens or permanent residents, and undergraduate members of the SPS national organization. 
Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) Program - Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor SocietyMarch 15Undergraduate, and Graduate Student or Pre-docUndergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in degree seeking programs may apply; Membership in Sigma Xi is not required to apply, but we strongly encourage you to consider becoming a member prior to the grant application deadline.
Sabrina Single Mother's ScholarshipMarch 20thUndergrad and Grad Undergraduate or Graduate single mothers at UNM 
Women in Technology ScholarshipMarch 22ndUndergradMust be active, full-time undergraduate students in accredited US, Canadian, or Mexican college/university. Must also be a freshman, sophomore, or junior in STEM and identify as women. 
Dissertation Grant ProgramMarch 22, 2021 @ Noon PSTGrad
  • Funder: Microsoft Research, Microsoft
  • Amount: Upper  $25,000USD. Provisions of the 2021 award, The 2021 Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant recipients will receive funding up to $25,000 USD for academic year 2021-22 to help them complete research as part of their doctoral thesis
  • Applicant Type: Graduate Student or Pre-doc, Minority Only, Women only
  • Abstract: Microsoft recognizes the value of diversity in computing. The Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant aims to increase the pipeline of diverse talent receiving advanced degrees in computing-related fields.
  • Eligibility: PhD students must be enrolled at a university in the United States or Canada. Students must be in their fourth year or beyond of a PhD program as of March 22, 2021, the proposal deadline
Sabrina Single Mothers' ScholarshipMarch 29, 2021Undergrad & GradApplications are available at This scholarship is open to graduate or undergraduate single parents who have a GPA of 2.0 or higher, are sole financial supporter of children and are registered for at least 6 credits. 
Association of Dam Safety Officials ScholarshipMarch 31st (postmarked)UndergradMust demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in hydraulics, hydrology or geotechnical disciplines, or in another discipline related to the design, construction and operation of dams
ICPSR Diversity ScholarshipMarch 31stGradStudents accepted into graduate program. Scholarship is to enable students to acquire additional preparation in quantitative analysis with the objective of improving academic performance and optimizing their professional advancement. 
1000 Dreams ScholarshipApril 1stUndergradThis scholarship provides one-time educational assistance for currently enrolled high school or college-aged women throughout the US.  Must have financial need. 
Palantir Future ScholarshipApril 5thUndergradMust be active, full time students that are freshman, sophomores, or juniors majoring STEM and are from an underrepresented racial/ethnic group in STEM. 
Ronald McNair Scholars ProgramApril 6thUndergradStill accepts applications past the deadline
McNair & Research Opportunity ProgramApril 12thUndergrad

Check out this short video (2 min) to learn more about UNM McNair & ROP.

Eligibility: Undergraduate students with at least 60 credits by Fall 2021 and a 3.0 cumulative GPA are encouraged to apply. Other eligibility requirements are listed on the application. 

UNM Ambassadors-The Pack Blog Abroad ScholarshipApril 15thUndergradMust be departing during Fall semester for study abroad and enrolled in approved UNM Study Abroad Program
Society of Petroleum Engineers-Gus Archie Scholarship Program April 15thUndergradUndergrad student in petroleum engineering or related field
Society of Petroleum Engineers- Henry DeWitt Smith Memorial ScholarshipApril 15thGraduatePursuing Master's or PhD in Petroleum Engineering or related field
BHW ScholarshipApril 15thUndergrad and GradWomen who are pursuing an undergraduate or master's degree and are majoring in STEM during the 2020 school year. 
Horton Research GrantApril 15, 2021Grad
  • Funder: American Geophysical Union (AGU)
  • Amount: Upper  $11,000USD. Awardees are recognized at the AGU Fall Meeting where they receive a one-year grant (not to exceed $10,000) to cover research costs and related travel expenses ($500 for students in the United States and Canada; $1,000 for international students).
  • Applicant Type: Individuals: Graduate Student or Pre-doc
Business Plan Scholarship OpportunityApril 26th, 2021UndergradABQ Sigmas are looking to fund a student with a scholarship for the best business plan that addresses a problem you have identifies in ABQ and a business plan as a solution. Please email the chapter email to receive an outline for a business plan. 
HENAAC ScholarshipsApril 30thUndergrad and GradMust have Hispanic background and have GPA of 3.0 or greater
Student ScholarshipApril 30th, 2021 Undergrad and GradScholarships are awarded using a variety of factors such as academic achievement, community involvement, employment experiences, areas of study, financial need and several others. 

Joann Stromberg Leadership Scholarship (SMTA Grant and Scholarship)


April 30th, 2021Undergrad and GradYou can nominate a candidate or yourself in under 5 minutes. Visit the link for more information. 

Charles Hutchins Educational Grant 

April 30th, 2021Grad

Must be a graduate-level student pursuing a degee and working on thesis research in electronic assembly, electronics packaging, or a related field. 


American Society of Heating, Refridgerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Freshman ScholarshipMay 1stUndergradAward for sophomore year for pre-engineering or engineering student
American Society of Heating, Refridgerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) High School Senior ScholarshipMay 1stUndergradFor full-time students in first year in college in pre-engineering, engineering, or engineering technology program
American Indian Graduate Center Wells Fargo ScholarshipMay 1stUndergradFull-time students attending accredited university 
SWE Scholarships for FreshmanMay 1stUndergradReference letters due May 8th. 
UNM Parent Association ScholarshipMay 3rdUndergrad and grad

Undergrads: Must be enrolled in 12 credit hours and have at least 2 semesters left before graduation. 

Graduates: Must be enrolled full time, 9 credit hours or more or 6 hours in conjunction with an assistantship, Masters or Doctoral student with at least two full-time semesters remaining until graduation.

NSF Graduate Research Internship Program (GRIP) at EPA May 6thUndergrad
UNITE Summer ProgramMay 10thHigh School students (9th,10th, 11th) 
Stephen Bufton Memorial Education Fund ScholarshipsMay 15thVariety of scholarshipsThere are a variety of scholarships and guidelines. Apply as soon as possible! There are limited number of applicants. 
AISES ScholarshipsMay 31, 2021Undergrad and Grad (Variety of Scholarships)
Hispanic Association of Colleges and University ScholarshipsMay 24thUndergrad and GradSeveral scholarships available,m please look at the requirements for each award 
New Mexico Engineering FoundationMay 31stHigh School, Undergrad, and GradUniversity scholarships are primarily offered in the spring and designated for students majoring in engineering, math, or science at a New Mexico college university. 
none at this time
Association of American Indian Affairs July 1stUndergrad and GradMust be enrolled in non-federally or federally recognized tribe
ABC Humane Wildlife Academic ScholarshipJuly 1stUndergrad and GradScholarship for women that must be studying or planning to study in STEM
Solar ScholarshipAugust 1st

Open to NM residents who have successfully completed high school and have a diploma, GED certificate, or other completion award. 

Applicants will need to submit a 300 word essay, resume, and have maximum of three letters of recommendation (not from family members) 

SMART Scholarship Portal Opens August 1st Undergrad and Grad
Ron Brown Scholarship OpensAugust 1stHigh School SeniorMust be Black/African American and high school senior at time of application.
Associated Builders and Contractors Build Your Future ScholarshipAugust 2ndUndergrad and GradApplicants must be pursuing craft professional training in the construction industry through NCCER accredited or a state/federally approved apprenticeship program in a merit shop


International Peach Scholarship Fund  September 15thGrad

This date is the start of IPS accepting Eligibility forms.

This scholarship is for graduate students with a full-year of coursework left.

*Please note that there are several deadlines for this scholarship. Please reference the IPS timeline

Barry Goldwater Scholarship OpensSeptember 3rdSophomore or JuniorUS Citizen or Permanent Resident with letter stating his/her intent to become a US Citizen.


Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) Program - Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor SocietyOctober 1 Undergraduate, and Graduate Student or Pre-docUndergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in degree seeking programs may apply; Membership in Sigma Xi is not required to apply, but we strongly encourage you to consider becoming a member prior to the grant application deadline.
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program October 21st (For Engineering) Can be a current senior at time of application or completed a Bachelor's degree. See the guidelines before applying. (Fellowship program for Master's or Doctoral Degrees) Must be a US Citizen, permanent resident, or national. 
2021 Amelia Earhart Fellowship November 15th, 2020GraduateFor women pursuing Ph.D/Doctoral degrees in aerospace engineering and space sciences. Apply here.  
Naval Research Enterprise Internship ProgramNovember 30th, 2020Undergrad and GradMust be enrolled full-time at an accredited college institution. High school students, taking college courses must apply to SEAP program instead. 
STEM Undergraduate Research or Prep Scholarships (The New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation)  December 3rd, 2020UndergraduateMust major in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM major). The National Science Foundation (NSF) sets the preference 
NSF Graduate Research Internship (GRIP) at the EPADecember 4th, 2020GradInternship
Generation Google ScholarshipDecember 4th, 2020 11:59pm (PT) Undergrad and Grad 

Scholarship will award $10,000 USD (for those studying in the US) or $5,000 CAD (for those studying in Canada). 

Intend to be enrolled in or accepted as a full-time student in a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD program at an accredited university or college in the United States or Canada for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Ford Fellowship Dissertation and Postdoctoral FellowshipDecember 10th, 2020 5pm (EST)GradFellowship, Notification of award will be given Mid-late March 2021
Ford Fellowship Predoctoral FellowshipDecember 17th, 2020 5PM (EST)GradFellowship, Notification of award will be given Mid-late March 2021
Novus Biological Scholarship Program

December 10th, 2020

Undergrad and GradScholarship is also open to DACA students and undocumented students. 
R&D Systems ScholarshipDecember 10th, 2020 12pm (MST)Undergrad and GradScholarship is also open to DACA students and undocumented students.
Tandon Faculty First look FellowshipDecember 15th, 2020GradEligible participants include doctoral degree candidates and post-doctoral fellows. Women and applicants of African-American, Latinx, American Indian, or Alaskan Native descent and people with disabilities are particularly encouraged to apply. 
Ford Foundation Fellowship Program December 17th, 2020 4PM (EST)GradFellowship open to all citizens, US nationals, and permanent residents of the US, as well as DACA students. 

*More scholarships for undocumented and DACA students*


American Indian Science and Engineering Society General Scholarship ApplicationUndergradMust be an AISES member. Matches students with eligible scholarships
Research Initiation GrantGrad