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Current Project Opportunities

The following are a list of the projects currently available for students. The list is constantly updating as we grow the program and community partner needs shift. 


Do you have a project in mind? Have an organization you want to work with to make a project happen?

Let us know! We can help you make this happen. (Additional examples of what is possible can be see at the well-established Purdue EPICS Teams page.)


What to see what projects our students have engaged in in the past? Check out our page dedicated to that information HERE.


Spring 2023 Projects

  • Explora - Science Center and Children's Museum - Science Outreach:
    • Type of Organization: Not-for-profit
    • Mission: Explora's mission is to create opportunities for inspirational discovery and the joy of lifelong learning through interactive experiences in science, technology, and art.
    • Population Served: Focus on minority groups, open to the public
    • This project most closely aligns with Computer Science, as well as Computer, Construction, and Mechanical Engineering.
    • Potential Project: Developing and facilitating real-world engineering and other STEM-based activities for families at Title I schools in Albuquerque.
    • Project work location: Albuquerque and surrounding areas
    •  "How do you see this (these) project(s) fulfilling the 'help address human, community, and environmental needs' aspect of EPCIS @ UNM?": The project will help families and students see how STEM applies to their everyday lives, inspire curiosity to learn more about STEM careers, and see themselves as STEMists.