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Tina Memarian. Ceramics.

TinaCurrent Year: Sophomore
Major: Chemical Engineering and International Studies 
Expected graduation date: May 2023
Where are you from: Albuquerque, New Mexico









Making ceramics is one of my most favorite activities to do. It is so much fun to make anything I want from start to finish. The darker ones are porcelain and I think my best work so far.


The process is complex, ranging from how I prepare the clay, how I throw a piece, leading up to how I bisque, color, and fire it. When I do my work, I am thinking of the process and how I can maximize how many pieces I can make. There is a combination of steps I need to consider; how much pressure I apply to the clay with my hands and fingers, how hot the kiln is, etc. This process has contributed to my chemical engineering path because it excited me to know that I can create beautiful things. Chemical engineering and making ceramics intersect starting with what materials I need and leading up to the final product. Each step is hand crafted and my love of ceramics has inspired me to pursue chemical engineering.