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Peer-Mentoring Program

Be a peer-mentor.

We are looking for undergraduate (with at least 2 semesters completed at UNM) and graduate Engineering & Computer Science students.


SEMESTERLY DEADLINES: February 5 and September 5.
Matches will be announced by the following Wednesday.

Be the light for our new students. Help others learn from your experiences. Everyone has a different story and path, but we are all on the journey together.

This will a parallel program to the STEM Mentoring program.  Undergraduate (with at least 2 semesters completed at UNM) and Graduate Engineering & Computing students will be assigned 5 incoming students (transfer or new) to make direct contact with and touch base throughout the semester. This allows there to a personal connection to somebody within the School of Engineering early on. The goal of this program is to eventually have enough mentors that we can pair all new students with a student mentor. And, to help with the transition into UNM. 

As a result of COVID-19: we ask that all participants be willing to meet either by phone call, zoom meeting, or at on an outdoor location for an in-person, yet socially distant interaction. We will have the STEM Mixer, but this will be virtual.

  • You must attend an orientation session to be assigned mentees (see "To Join the Program").
  • At a minimum, student mentors will reach out to their mentee at least once a month. More frequent communications is highly encouraged.
  • Mentors will set up face-to-face meetings with responsive mentees.
  • Engage in the mentoring relationship with an open mind. 
  • Commitments are for the current semester only. The opportunity to continue beyond the current semester is possible, but not required.
  • There is no GPA requirement for our mentors, but we expect your education and courses to take priority.
Students peer-mentors must complete both this interest form AND a program orientation session (sessions listed in the interest form). Students will not be assigned mentees until both items are completed.
Various orientation dates are available. If you cannot attend one of the scheduled orientation sessions, but would still like to join the program, contact Yadéeh Sawyer at To speed up scheduling your orientation session, please provide 2-3 times, Monday-Friday, between 9 AM and 5 PM, that work for your schedule in this email.
Please direct questions to Yadéeh Sawyer: